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            • User Friendly
            • Real-life Case Studies Paired with the Software
            • Integration with Social Media


            • You have to find where to implement the CTAs yourself

            Harness The Extremely Profitable Power of Call-To-Actions

            Starting off, call-to-actions are characterized as a form of content that encourages a viewer to engage with your product/service in some way shape or form. Most of the time this is to purchase the package, but it can also be to collect emails or to view further content in your marketing funnel. Some common CTAs are Click to Learn More, Buy It Now, Add To Cart. As consumers of content (and really anything in a capitalistic society), we see these call to actions over and over again throughout our day and we are, most of the time, unconsciously aware of the selling that is going on between us and the producer of said content. Here on the evaluation I also have a discount on here also as an added bonus.

            As a base standard, CTAs are essential in promotional strategies for all businesses, large and small alike. They take your customers potential customers further and further into what we like to call the “Marketing Funnel”. This in turn generates you leads, which increases both your website/content traffic and thus increasing conversions. Now, we can go into a slew of other marketing concepts such as conversion rate optimization (CRO) in order to further flesh out profits throughout the marketing funnel, but the most essential thing to focus on is the CTA at the start. After all, without any incentive for a potential customer to continue down the marketing funnel, then you won’t be able to generate any leads/sales AT ALL. Essentially, it’s more important to get your foot in the door when it comes to selling the customer than focus on wooing thin air with flashy conversion rate optimization strategies!

            Nonetheless, it is not common knowledge for most beginning or even intermediate marketers to know how to create and implement a call-to-action on a video or website. Especially for those who have just begun getting their feet wet in the IM game. Within my CoEmbed Review I will direct my efforts to help you understand how crucial this game-changing software truly is for your business, and why it’s essential that you grab your copy today if you expect to make any profits at all going forward in 2017! Make sure you check out the bonus and discount on this site.

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            So… What Exactly IS CoEmbed?

            For Starters, my CoEmbed Review is requiring a brief yet essential intro on what the software can do for you and your business.

            To get down to brass tacks, Co Embed is an online-based app that gives you the power to embed CTAs (which we previously discovered is short for Call-To-Actions) onto ANY (and I mean absolutely ANY) online video and/or website. These CTAs consist of rich, meaty snippets that allow for interlinking between social sites, pop ups, opt-ins, etc. Basically, anything that directs the customer from your base content into your money content (affiliate links, your brand’s product/service, email leads, etc.) is made 1000x more streamlined with the functionality of Co Embed!

            The IM Wizards are Back at It with This Product

            coembed founders

            John Gibb and Mo Miah, some of the top IM gurus in the game today, have combined forces once more to release this wondrously profitable software after many numbers of hard-hitting releases and launches in the past. They’re considered as elite masterminds in the IM game and have established themselves as overwhelming professionals in the IM space for some recurring years now. All of them being extremely well off financially, they took the goal of empowering other internet marketers with samurai weaponry=like software that will abundantly bring prosperity to thousands of bank accounts in the coming future.

            Now, these boys could continue to sell to the general public (and I’m sure they have some backup methods for ensuring they rake easy profits for years to come), but their main efforts seem to have gone to releasing these outstanding profits, much like the CoEmbed Review that I’m giving to you guys and gals right now. Honestly, even without this truly honest reflection of the product, you guys should just buy it based on the absolutely boss-level status of these IM giants. Again, check out the bonus and discount coupon.

            Down to the Stat Sheet

            Co Embed is able to easily streamline embeds to your CTAs for any time of online content-driven platform. In addition, you can schedule the whole process to go out to all of your peeps through any social channel you choose over a long-time period.

            Also, Co Embed purchasers are provided with over-the-shoulder case studies on a weekly basis which will show you, the customer, how the elites in the IM game are using this software to maximize profits in the short as well as the long run.


            An Obvious Choice: Upsell 1 (Co Embed Pro)

            Obviously your going to want the first upsell to the pro version just due to how much cooler stuff you get with the upgrade. You get FB retargeting to squeeze the life out of your customers bank accounts with dripping wet profits on your CTAs for future campaigns to come. Furthermore, you’re also gonna get that bad boy A/B split testing feature which compartmentalizes CRO and turns your whole campaign and funnel into a profit racehorse racing to simply add more money into your pockets. You get custom CSS options for making everything more perfect by hardcoding your way to success. Also you get more bonus case studies and a custom video lander. WOW, what a steal!

            Upsell 2 and 3 (Traffic Mastery Training and Agency License)

            The developers and mad science geniuses will organize some live hangouts and sessions for you when you get the second up sell. This is essential training for anyone whose not 100% sure how to become profitable right from the get-go, and this stuff will be super beneficial to getting your feet wet and in the money right off the bat. You also get the ability to grant control and access to 50 other accounts with the third upsell.

            How’s It Work?

            It comes in three steps:

            • Find your content-driving force to be reckoned with AKA your platform of choice.
            • Implement your CTAs and customise those bad-boys to your every whim.
            • Instantly post or push posts on your site, social platforms, etc.

            Who’s it For?

            This CoEmbed Review brings up some quality yet essential points. In my opinion, this software is a good choice for anyone in the IM game who has difficulty setting up sellable CTAs. This is good for newbs as well as experienced veterans alike due to how much more money it makes the average user. There’s a bonus and discount make sure you pick that up from here.

            It doesn’t fail to meet my own experience based on the amount of usage I’ve gotten so far out of the product. I think the best thing about it is allowing me to implement my CTAs with my own flair and style, something that other less-extensible platforms simply don’t allow for!

            Final Thoughts

            Definite must have for anyone serious about making money in 2017. The game has been changing so rapidly that having a platform like this will make money collecting so much more easy in the near future. Hope you enjoyed my breakdown and analysis of this amazing product. I’m looking to hear more from you boys and girls about how much you enjoyed the product, so hmu by accessing the contact us page on the website to tell me how much you truly loved it.